Quantity vs Quality

2021s comic pages drawn as of July/August?

I’ve spent most of the past 19 months focused on drawing. Self-improvement. Focused on craft. Focused on storytelling. Most of which will not see the light of day as is. But I am hopeful that my efforts will be realized in something really dope that I will be proud to share publicly in the near future.

The Revolution will not be on social media.

meta friends

I’ve always been skeptical about social media. I never personally had a Facebook account and never got much traction on Twitter or Instagram. But beyond my own inability to cultivate a large social media following beyond a few hundred people, I wonder if there’s a real value in social media apps.

Increasingly I wondered how much value is their to publish work to an application that determines how many eyes see your work based on a constantly modified algorithm. I remember in the early days of Twitter, marveling at musicians with millions of followers not going platinum in sales; Freddie Gibbs song 4 thangs song, the chorus echos the sentiment, “a million dollar, a million followers, that’s not the same.”

I’m done with social media. At least in chasing the “white rabbit.”

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